Healthcare Contract 
Clinic Management System

Nowadays, a lot of medical institutions provide medical services in the form of Healthcare Contracts. They provide various services and price levels to different customers.

This requires the Clinic Management System to handle sophisticated pricing schemes, benefit limits control, billing to customer functions.


About Version System 
and why choose us?

Established in 1999. Version System has been focusing on providing various medical management systems to different types of customers in the medical field. Which includes Panel Groups, Medical Groups, Laboratories and Radiology Centers.
In Hong Kong, a company that can provide a complete Healthcare Contract Management System very few, Version System is one of them, and we have more than 20 years of rich experience.



Version CMS is a web-based system available both in On-premise and Cloud setup, which helps your clinic to keep track of patient appointments and medical histories. Version CMS is designed to fit the work-flows of large medical practices with multiple clinics of GP and different specialties.

System Functions

  • Appointment 
  • Registration 
  • EMR 
  • Dispensary 
  • Cashier
  • Billing 
  • Inventory Control
  • Document Scan
  • Healthcare Contract Management

Expert in 
Healthcare IT Services


Highly Experienced Team

Version  System has over 20 years of experience in developing Healthcare Management Systems. Our customers serve in various medical fields. Besides Hong Kong, we also have a development team in Shenzhen.

Your Best Choice

If you find that an ordinary Clinic Management System is not enough, you need a system to be able to interact with Healthcare Contract Customers, perform accurate dispensing record tracking, generate billing invoices, keep inventory control, turn your clinic paperless and enhance your patient data security, then Version CMS is your best choice.